Our supporters

Groups like ours don’t start in a vacuum. They come into being because people saw a need – and worked together to find a solution.

In the case of the Red Mountain Makers, we came together to develop a workshop – and a community, here in Birmingham – where being curious about your environment, science technology, programming and engineering, and art isn’t considered unusual – it’s encouraged.

We want to take this opportunity to thank all our proud supporters!

Donations – 2014

From our Makers and friends:

  • Mykel Alvis
  • Baird Castleberry
  • Kurt Fattig
  • Mark D. Garfinkel and Shirley Hicks
  • Bill Hudson
  • Chris Lais
  • Lynette Pope
  • John Rhymes
  • Trae Watson
  • Steven Wyss
  • Mykel Alvis
  • Alex Rosen
  • VMware

Community supporters


  • Keith Davis, Davis Professional Services, accounting